The time has come in the life of our association to begin addressing the more specific needs of individual directors and churches in a more organized, structured and formal manner. Too many ministries have come to the GACHP for help with their specific needs and goals in mind and we have only been able to help some and not others. And when they have been done, they were conducted in professional but inconsistent ways in which members were able to help other churches.

That is why we are proud to announce our GACHP Hospitality Ministry Consulting Program. This program will have several different options in which churches in need can choose from that best fits their specific needs and budgets. Those options are listed as the following:

  • Option One – Post or Pre Conference Follow a Director or Manager – This option will be custom designed more around your specific ministry’s needs. You may choose as many days as needed and with as many different managers as available at the host site that best suits your specific needs and budget. This option will allow you to spend one on one time with whichever host site personnel would best be able to help you and your ministry. Once registered, the Director from the host site will contact you to set up a personalized agenda for your needs. Some of the benefits of this option is that it also includes going to the conference itself and the most of the travel expenses you have will already have been incurred in getting to the conference itself, you may simply need to add the cost of a hotel room a night or two to access this unique training. This option costs just $150.00 per day in addition to the normal conference registration fees and is payable to the GACHP when registering for the conference. This option must also be registered for at least 30 days prior to the conference.
  • Option Two – Full On Site At Your Church Consulting – This option is the most in-depth and personalized to your ministry and your specific needs and goals. Our consultants are carefully vetted by the GACHP and represent the most experienced Directors from some of the best Hospitality and Food Service Ministries in the country. Our consultants must be a member of the GACHP for more than 2 years, must be a GACHP Certified Manager, Director or Administrator, and most go a through a consulting course and certified in our unique consulting process. This option will come with a fully comprehensive, detailed and actionable report designed completely around your ministry’s current status, desired growth and goals. This report covers many categories including; First Impressions, Facilities, Personnel, Financials, Events and Programs, and much more. For an example of one of these reports, email This option is only 500.00 per day plus all travel expenses and is usually done in just 2 days. It is payable to the GACHP and is invoiced to your church.

As you can see we are very excited about our new consulting programs and would love to come along side you and your church and help in any way that we can. For more information about this program, or our conferences or any other of the GACHP membership benefits, feel free to email Herman Weaver at or call at 865-385-6293.

Qualifications and Requirements of a GACHP Consultant Overview

The purpose of the Level 3 Option GACHP Consulting Program is to assist church hospitality ministries achieve their ministry goals by providing the experienced services and individualized time of proven and carefully vetted Christian Hospitality Professionals. It is not to imply that our consultants’ ministries have all the answers and don’t experience challenges in their own ministries with staffing, finances, volunteers, food quality or any number of our challenges other ministries might face. Quite the contrary; we believe it is because we also have faced those same challenges and have learned ways to overcome them, that is truly what makes us qualified to partner with other churches to meet their unique ministry needs.

  • Recommended 10 years or more experience in the Food Service or Hospitality Industry
  • Recommended 5 years or more Food Service Ministry or Hospitality Ministry Director.
  • Must be an active GACHP Member for 2 years or more.
  • Must be certified by the GACHP in one the 3 Ministry Certifications levels.
  • Must be Servsafe or certified or equivalent.
  • Must be a certified Ministry Consultant by completing the required training course.
  • Must be both structured and flexible, firm and fair, business and ministry minded.
  • Must have a good reputation in your own operation and be in good standing with your team and church leadership.
  • Must be able to comfortably and professionally conduct themselves in a conversation with possibly several levels of church staffing including, volunteers, staff, managers, and Business Administrators, Finance Officers and Senior Pastors.
  • Must be able to complete a comprehensive detailed analysis and actionable report for a variety of areas of ministry operations.